Mutton Chops Pet Services accepts personal checks, cash, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).  Payment for all services is due up front upon invoice before or on the first day of provided service.  If tasks or visits are added or canceled, additional charges or refunds will be tallied and issued at the end of the month.   

Personal checks are paid to the order of "Mutton Chops Pet Services." 

Delinquent Payments

Delinquent payments of more than 14 days will result in a $2 late fee for every day that passes.  Continued delinquent payments may result in cancellation of future services.

Returned Checks

All returned checks are subject to a $25 charge.


Regarding notice given for booking our services, we ask that clients who need us for once-a-day half hour visits try their hardest to book at least seven days in advance using our online scheduling tool.  Even if you use our services regularly on the same days of each week, please book online.  We do not want anyone to get overlooked when making up the schedule each week.  Clients have the option to book online on their own or have our office manage booking for a $5 fee.  At least two weeks' notice is encouraged when booking us for out-of-town needs, though three weeks or more is ideal.  We will happily help out with last minute needs, but the further you book us in advance, the more likely we will have availability. 


Should cancellations occur for visits on the same day as service is scheduled, the full amount will still be charged.

If cancellation for vacation services occurs, 4 days notice is required.  If less than 4 days notice is given, client will be required to pay 50% of total invoice. 

Emergency Visits/Same Day Service

A half hour appointment made for same day service is $36.  Vacation services (including multiple half hour visits) booked with less than 4 days notice are subject to a 50% surcharge of the first 24 hours of service.

Inclement Weather

Cancellation policy for bad weather: Mutton Chops works in all weather conditions. We understand poor weather is unavoidable. We ask you try your hardest to give us 3 hours notice if you are staying home due to inclement weather. If the 3 hour window is missed a $10 fee will be charged.

Key Policies

Mutton Chops requires two sets of keys by 24 hours prior to service beginning.  You may choose to have us return the keys at the end of the booking, or we can keep them on file.  There is a $10 charge for each occurrence a key is to be picked up or dropped off by Mutton Chops.  Clients are not charged if a key is provided during their consultation visit.  Mutton Chops can provide clients with a Key Retention authorization form which allows us to retain your keys for future trips.  A completed form will eliminate this fee.  Keys are handled with great care and are never labeled with client addresses or last names.  We reserve the right to use a lockbox in cases in which more than one sitter is visiting a home. 


Add fee of $10 to original price of 30 minute/hour visit. (Additional charges apply to major holidays: Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.


Mutton Chops Pet Services reserves the right to use any photos taken of a pet on its social media sites. Addresses and any other personal information will never be shared.

* Terms are subject to change at any time.